Kenji Bella was rescued from a puppy mill weighing just 2 pounds.  Where she was actually born and whom her birth parents are is unknown.  What is well known is she is loved all around the world by countless people that have had the pleasure to meet her during her numerous travels with her human, “Mommy”.

This fuzzy bundle of energy is not your average fur baby.  Kenji has a warm, loving and sparkling personality unmatched by any other pooch.  She enjoys interacting with and connecting to humans and on occasion other dogs.  Even though she is categorized as a canine, she identifies more with the human species.

Kenji’s talents are boundless and her vibrant personality is contagious.  She enjoys long jaunts on the beach, anything that squeaks, posing for cameras, all seafood, and most of all nuzzling next to her human.  Kenji is, however best known for her colorful opinions and points of view.  This furry little pup has a published monthly column where she shares her thoughts and views on everything from current events and social commentary to reviews on all things doggy.

You can find Kenji basking in the California sun or riding with the window down, wind in her fur.  Most often on a journey of discovery; looking for the next great topic of interest for her readers and fans.  Kenji is currently inspiring and collaborating with her human on several different literary projects including a series of children’s books.

In addition to her frequent articles and blog postings, Kenji may also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.